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Welcome to the

Tennessee Fly Fishers is a IRS 501c(7) Tax Exempt and Non-Profit Incorporated in the state of Tennessee. Dedicated to the sport of fly fishing in Tennessee and surrounding areas for beginners and experienced fly fisher men or fisher women interested in fly fishing, fly tying, conservation and Entomology. Fly fishing is a wonderful sport. It encourages education and enjoyment for our great outdoors. There are few sports that you can enjoy for a lifetime like fly fishing.

Our club activities focus on the commingling of fellow fly fishermen interested in the activity of fly fishing and practical education on the water. So often we feel knowledgeable after watching YouTube, reading books, and listening to speakers while missing the most valuable aspect of the sport, and that is your educational experience on the water.

Club Goals:

  • Commingling at club meetings
  • Commingling at club Outings
  • Casting Lessons during Club Outings
  • Fly Tying Workshops during Club outings
  • Technique Lessons during Club Outings
  • Entomology Lessons during Club Outings
  • Stream & River Clean-up during Club Outings
  • Elevate the standard of integrity, honor and courtesy of fly fishers
  • Cherish the spirit of fellowship among fly fishers everywhere

Establish and maintain liaison with organizations concerned with the conservation of natural resources and governmental agencies concerned with the sport of fly fishing.

We encourage participation and competition among fellow members. Members will earn points for participating in meetings, events, outings, and catching fish. Awards will be given at outings and the annual awards banquet.

This club is not for every fly fishermen, but perfect for fly fishermen who want a little extra in club activities that fit practical education, a little competition, and some wonderful commingling among fellow members.

First year membership is $75 annually and subsequent years $50 annually. This club has limited membership, so don’t miss out join now or get your name on the wait list.

What We Offer

We offer organized fly fishing outings in and around Tennessee for our members. In addition we provide classroom and outing education. Fly fishing outings are the best way to develop comradery.